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That's right! We are also a brewery and have been since 1999. Our small, yet beautiful 10-barrel system is nestled in the back of the restaurant. We source locally and regionally for many of the grains and hops used in our beers. We offer a wide variety of styles and we are sure that there is one that is bound to be YOUR next favorite. And if you haven't tried it, ask for a sample of the Double Stack Stout, our landmark beer and by far our patrons' most favorite! funny pictures funny images

Want a beer to go? We offer all of our beers to go in a beautifully embossed Steam Plant Growlers. What’s a Growler? A Growler is a one-half gallon glass jug filled with the beer of your choice for you to enjoy at home or a party. You can take one home empty, too.

Empty - 6
Filled - 13
Refill - 8
Filled Double Stack Stout - 15
Refill Double Stack Stout- 10

We also sell kegs. A full keg is 15.5 gallons which equates to approximately 120 pints of glorious barley goodness. For smaller gatherings, we also offer a 1/6 barrel. This is approximately 5.17 gallons and serves about 40 pints. Since we brew these great beers right here at the Steam Plant, most keg orders can be filled same day. We also have hand pumps and CO2 taps available for your dispensing needs. funny photos

Blonde Ale - 99 / 55
Cutter's Pale Ale - 130 / 70
Big Brick Brown - 130 / 70
Highland Scottish Ale - 130 / 70
Huckleberry Harvest Ale - 130 / 70
Jalapeno Ale - 130 / 70
Whitman's Wheat Beer - 140 / 75
Firebox PA - 140 / 75
Double Stack Stout - 165 / 95
Seasonals (when available) - 150 / 80

Please read the Terms and Conditions for renting kegs and dispensing equipment from the Steam Plant Brewing Co.

To place an order please call our front desk at (509) 777-3900.



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